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Tianjin Yiping Garment Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It mainly produces and sells various foreign trade ski wear, children's wear, overalls, fishing suits, hunting suits, all kinds of cotton clothes and other products.

The company has many in Hebei, Tianjin, Henan and other places. Garment processing factory has strong product research and development capabilities; the products we sell are exported to Eastern Europe, Western Europe and other places. As a professional clothing exporter, we have successfully served the world's top clothing brands; our products meet European and American environmental standards. Many of these products are the result of joint development of our loyal customers, and the quality of service provided by them is highly praised by foreign customers.

With the successful operation of our clothing industry, we are committed to the development of the domestic children's wear market. "RouRou baby" is the independent clothing brand registered by our company in China. It is based on children's wear and parent-child wear. It cites the Italian design style and advocates the simple, comfortable and luxurious life attitude of Europe and America, and perfectly reflects the noble, healthy and fashionable style of life.

Our goal is to "provide the best products and services to our customers."

Our aim is to "always do more than what our customers want."

Our approach is to enhance our competitiveness and "consolidate our old customers to develop new customers."

Our values are: 1. Customers make us partners forever; 2. Pursue perfection, create win-win for customers, employees and enterprises; 3 Employees are our forever assets. Our spirit is: 1. Loyalty and integrity 2. Diligent efforts 3. Dedication 4. Optimism and perseverance 5. Good organization, leadership and communication 6. Team affinity



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